Report from Denver

Report from Denver

Attending a political party convention for the first time for any political junkie is an exciting and unpredictable experience. SPD being the non-partisan organization that it needs to be, I promised Emily I would stay away from politics, and only try to report compelling examples of graphics and design on display.

There were many interesting Shepard Fairey-like Obama products. Below are three selections, a likeness made up of words, a giant Robert Indiana-inspired "Hope" outside the Pepsi Center, and a mural of Fairey's cover for 5280 magazine.




Inside Invesco Field on Thursday, the "Obama / Biden" letters that were clearly designed to be on top of each other for buttons - with this particular tracking - looks funny side-by-side on the scoreboard. And why is this not in Gotham? But trust me, no one in that stadium cared.


If anyone is in St. Paul this week (I can't go, I have to wash my hair), please send SPD a report to

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