Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Regardless of having great content and amazing imagery to design with here at W, it often takes quite a number of typographical explorations to create the right solution for a layout (especially when I'm thrown a couple of curve balls as editors rewrite their headlines!)

Check out the short video below documenting a sample of my design evolution for a profile story about Anne Hathaway, photographed by Mario Sorrenti and featured in the current, October issue of W.

  • chop chop

    pardon me Ms.K, but didn't you omit the image of your screen splattered with editors blood?

    so very messy to wipe off these macs. i recommend rubbing alcohol and a touch of vinegar.

  • G.Glas

    Very cool, I'm curious to see the final product. Ties in nicely with Part 22: "The Wrong Theory" posted by Scott Dadich.

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