My Favorite Bookstore

My Favorite Bookstore Just beneath the shadow the the TransAmerica Pyramid, on Montgomery Street, lies one of San Francisco's hidden gems: William Stout Architectural Books. Just yesterday, I spent my lunch hour poring through the thousands of volumes, new and rare, and picked up a couple of gems, including this gorgeous 1967 El Lissitzky biography:

elLiss.jpgThe store is stacked to the rafters with every kind of book a visually inclined professional could hope for, from photography, to art, to industrial design. It's a must-see the next time you're in North Beach. And when your arms are full of books your belly will need a little love too, and there are some great cafés and bars right in the 'hood. It's the perfect afternoon.

  • Darrell

    My favorite book store is Photo-eye Bookstore in NM.

    It carries visual magic from around the world!

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