Hidden Treasure in Berlin

Hidden Treasure in Berlin A couple of weeks ago, I devoted a few lines to my favorite bookstore, William Stout Architectural Books in San Francisco's North Beach. Today, I'm pleased to report that I've found my favorite magazine store, bar none.

Do You Read Me?! is located at the corner of Augustraße and Große Hamburgerstraße, in Mitte, Berlin's creative heart. There amidst the galleries and bakeries, coffee shops and boutiques, is my new Mecca. I can now speak from experience: plan on spending at least half a day in the 'hood if you're in town.


D.Y.R.M.'s proprietor, Jessica Reitz, was kind enough to let me snap a few pix while I filled my spare suitcase full of rare and hard-to-find fashion, fiction, science, art, architecture publications. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some American magazines, but this shop is stocked with veritable crack rock for the feinding magazine creative.


Just be sure to bring a fat stack of Euros; Jessica does't take plastic. Here are a few highlights from my haul.







  • boicozine

    Glad to see A10 is in there. I'm a big fan. It's so hard to get in the UK though. :( Forum AID is worth keeping an eye on too.

  • Scott Dadich

    So far, so good! I'm at Heathrow on my layover and British Airways hasn't charged me yet! (The damn thing must weigh 75lbs.)

  • Nathalie Kirsheh

    oh moy gawd.


    Berlin, here i come!

    So how much do you think you'll be paying to check in that overweight luggage when you fly back? :)

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