Famous People Get Hangnails Too!

Famous People Get Hangnails Too!

Honestly, famous people don't excite me much.

Well, maybe a little, but certainly not that much.

My mother thinks I should be much, much more excited about some of the people that I've met. My husband certainly is in awe of some of them. And, my friends grill me at dinner parties for my celeb updates....

But come on folks!
They're just people doing their jobs. They eat, drink, sleep and get cranky--just like you and I!

In my 20 years of being in this business, I've met a lot of famous people at shoots. And, though there have been some amazing people and some crazy stories, I've never gotten as much interest as I have with our November 08 cover guy for Men's Health. Yes, I'm talking about President-Elect Barack Obama.

So here you go, I blatantly present my shot with Obama, taken by Frank Ockenfels 3, at the end of our 22-minute cover shoot on July 29, 2008.


Amusingly, some of more cynical friends think I photoshoped myself into this shot:
   "Why are you just as dark as he is?"
   "Why are you standing so close?"
   "Why is there no background?"

Ah, this all just adds to the dinner party conversation....

  • Emily Smith

    George. No shirtless cover this time?? I'm disappointed.

  • Grant Glas

    I'm surprised your team got 22 mins for a shoot! I read in the new GQ their photographer got about 8 mins... All in a day's work.

  • George Karabotsos

    Well, we were originally scheduled for 15 minutes. He was doing a set of press-related shoots and interviews that day. We got lucky in that he didn't like how the interview prior to us was going. He cut them short; we got the extra time!

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