From Croatia: AMZ News

From Croatia: AMZ News Nikola Mileta, Art Director for AMZ News in Croatia sends along some work from a project intended to reach out with love to the advertisers:

These are few spreads from out latest free business magazine that we are sending to our partners and advertisers. This issue's main topic was [the] online advertising that's starting to grow over here in Croatia (yes, we are a bit late from you guys). It was hard to find a good cover image so finally I decided to use a billboard as general symbol of advertising. On it I placed the web page of our celebrity magazine and headline "Online advertising." The rest of the headlines perfectly fit the building below the billboard.

The opening spread for the cover topic used the same treatment.

croatian cover story.jpg

Our other nice spread was written by our sales director. The headline was "Top 10 reasons why should you advertise" because the declining advertising trend is hitting our shores as well as yours so with this article we wanted to warn advertisers to continue to advertise. (I think we would all like to warn our advertisers as well, Nikola. Good thinking. -- Ed.) Since there was not much text and two pages were planned, I decided to make big text boxes to resemble old newspaper ads. Beautiful Clarendon came in handy in this topic.

croatian other story.jpg
Hope you like it and please feel free to coment on it.

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  • Grant Glas

    Good stuff Nikola. Nice to see work from overseas.

    Love the "New Work" feature

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