Heavy Metal Band Names Infographic

Heavy Metal Band Names Infographic Fürther proof that infographics need not be a 3-D extravaganza. 
  • Lauren Schrade Kill

    Bonüs points for the umlaut in the caption!

    (Please note the word 'umlaut' contains no umlauts; irony is not dead!)

  • LaraBehnert

    Brilliant, thank you! I love metal almost as much as I love a great infographic.

  • Christian Jensen

    As a fan of Heavy Metal, and a designer, it was great to see some of my favorite bands laid out in a great design! I love creative info-grpahics. Brings memories of Intersection Magazine, some of the best & creative info-graphics i have ever seen are in that book~


    Ambient / Black Metal....think Opeth / A Perfect Circle combined with the instrumental pieces of Dimmu Borgir....soothing...epic...and anything but uplifting.

  • John McCauley

    How about a quadruple ümlaut, Aäkon Këëtrëh.


    I'm not exactly sure what "Ambient / Black Metal" is, but at least he looks the part!

  • Heather Jones

    This is so funny.

    I'm putting it on my infographic wall right next to Geek Love...


    ...and making it my personal mission to find a metal band with a triple ümlaut in it.

    Perhaps it can be worked into "Satan's Awkward Gropings"?

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