New Work for the New Year

New Work for the New Year Well, we're knee-deep over here at Union Square West. And not just in snow! Now begins the work of unpacking the boxes and boxes of Pub 44 entries in preparation for Judging Weekend, set for January 30-February 1. There's little doubt it's going to be a great competition; thanks to one and all for getting your submissions in.

But what are you working on now? Most of us are already sweating our March, April, and May issues, which is virtually half a magazine-year gone by (hello, Pub 45!). So while we're thrilled about celebrating last year's design and photography stand outs, we here at are looking for great work getting published this very minute.

So email us a recent layout or two! We'll welcome anything that's gone to the printer recently, something you're especially proud of and think might be inspiring to the membership and readers of Grids. We'll note the credits and the publication and shine a little light on the latest and greatest in publication design.

Please reduce your layouts to no larger than 1200 pixels wide and don't forget to include all relevant credits and a little background (if you feel like). Send your submissions to and we'll post them as we get them.

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