>New Year! >New You!! >New Emoticons!!!

>New Year! >New You!! >New Emoticons!!!

: )   ; )   :-)   Are you yawning yet?

~*_*~               Now THAT'S better!

My dear friend EVENY YE from Guangzhou, China uses some pretty weird emoticons in her e-mails to me. At first I thought it was just her (she is a creative type, afterall). But when I questioned her on them, she replied:

"u like the funny little faces? really? we love to use them, to share our feeling, our mood!"

She shared some of her favorites, as you'll see below. I've kept her descriptions, unedited!






(OMG, really? Are u serious? What a big surprise!)

=_=!      = =b      -_-!

(What? Unbelievable! oh~no! However!)


(Someone interested in something or WOW, THAT'S REALLY SOMETHING!)


(money, money, money...)


("So what!" or COME ON HAVE A KISS,
these two different meanings are very different, but it seldom means KISS)


(a lovely cat!)

^ o ^

(hohohoho.......a kind of laughing)

# ̄~ ̄#



(a big cry)


(star eyes.....means enjoy something or OH~YES!)

m(_ _)m

(admire something...even kneel down .. !)


(nictation to u)


(oh dear~~~~very enjoy! or seeing something your favourite)


(haha~~~~or somebody with a pair of glasses)


(angry with something)


(very cold!)


(be in trouble or someone is dizzy)

(just looking u)


(i want to sleep)


(oh i see~~~O I C)


(seems to cry)

She also offered up this website, which has many more: http://baike.baidu.com/view/84429.htm
Yes, the site is in Chinese, but if you scroll down, you'll see some pretty crazy ones, including the one that I used as this blog's entry image.

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