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TV Guide Change is in the air, and it's affecting everyone! From Glen Karpowich, Assistant AD at TV Guide, a report about their cover story on stands now:

We feature President Obama and his wife, Michelle on the cover and the issue includes a 7-page story on how President Obama and his Presidency will impact America, and possibly even change TV.

The opening spread features a powerful, but fun photo of Barack which I felt suited exactly what we wanted to say about him and the piece.  The following 3 pages take the reader on a journey of some of Barack's milestones in his political journey, from his early days at Occidental College in Los Angeles to his acceptance speech on November 5th. The last 2 pages of the feature focus on photos from past Presidents and how they watched and impacted television during their time as President. I had a great time coming up with the layouts and working with the photo editors here at TV Guide, specifically Ariel Braverman and Nancy Schwartz who did extensive research and a fantastic job to find all of these great moments in Obama's life, and also the editor and writer of the story Greg Evans and Stephen Battaglio.  Everyone did a fantastic job coming together to make this feature story look great!   


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