Complex Tim Leong, DD at Complex, shares a look at their latest cover with Kanye West:

We just debuted our new cover online. It's Kanye West -- and it typical Kanye fashion, he wanted to do something extra crazy. The process is a long story, but to boil it down, we collaborated with Kanye and video director Chris Milk (Jesus Walks, All Falls Down) and the effects studio that did "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" to do a 3D body scan of Kanye. The studio built a CGI model of him and we worked together to create images for the story. It's basically a 100% 3D-rendered photoshoot.
Some behind-the-scenes video after the jump...

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  • Kayleigh Ryley

    This is fantastic. The artwork is stunning! Thanks for putting this up.

  • Claibourn Hamilton

    Hi Tim,

    The clarity and insight for the new magazine cover featuring Chris Milk’s digital scans of Kanye West is genius. What an innovative way to make 'complex' textures and forms more conspicuous.



  • egotrippin

    Great work, the CGI image looks pretty cool... congratulations!

  • Grant Glas

    Whoa. This is very cool. Kanye does it again...

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