GK Investigation > > > Clips finally released to SPD

GK Investigation > > > Clips finally released to SPD

***N*E*W*S*  *R*E*L*E*A*S*E***

After many months of negotiation, and many months of fine tuning the details, the undercover magazine industry investigation group known as GKI, or GK Investigation, is finally able to release numerous clips to the Society of Publication Design, SPD, for use on their blog.

GKI 's mission is to go undercover and investigate the health of the magazine industry. In these troubles times, GKI hopes to shed a light on what is on the public's mind. GKI goes where no other magazine industry professional dares to go, to get you the information you need!

In this new agreement with SPD, GKI will provide a new clip every 2 to 3 days.

Here's the first clip, parental discretion IS advised:

NOTE ON CLIP #68 > This was filmed before King magazine folded.

>>> Please stay tuned for new clip releases!!!
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