The Magic of Mystery

The Magic of Mystery Here at WIRED, we're fairly wetting ourselves with excitement about our May issue, guest-edited by the inimitable J.J. Abrams. The entire issue is devoted to mystery, magic, and puzzles and is a cover-to-cover single issue redesign, the first in the magazine's history.

Besides getting to collaborate with J.J., we were also able to harness the creative muscle of  Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Chris Ware, Paul Pope, Ed Ruscha, David Lynch, Andy Cruz at House Industries, Thomas Snyder, Dan Winters, Will Shortz, and J.J. Sedelmaier among others. As you can tell, we're all busting at the seams with excitement about this issue.

But one of my favorite pieces is the photo essay written and produced by WIRED's very own Anna Goldwater Alexander and photographed by the remarkable Uta Kögelsberger. Last year, in conceiving the assemblage of stories that would fill the issue, Anna proposed that we photograph locations around the world that transcend conventional scientific understanding. Places like The Devil's Triangle, Racetrack Playa or even places of extreme secrecy like Area 51.

So off Uta went, around the world in 30 days, and this is the remarkable photo essay she brought back.


The Bermuda Triangle


Mexico City


Racetrack Playa


Lake Toplitz


The Marfa Lights


Spoiler alert! Herewith, every hidden puzzle in the May issue of WIRED, revealed.
  • Grant Glas

    One more note,

    Last night on Lost (100th episode), Wired magazine made an appearance on the couch of character Daniel Faraday. Pretty cool shout out from J.J. Abrams, Carton Cuse and Damon Lindelof to the team at Wired. I took a screen shot from the episode and posted it on my site. (scroll down to see it)

    It appears to be the August 2003 issue. "The Super Power Issue... The Impossible Gets Real"

    Very cool.

  • Grant Glas

    After reading through the May magazine again, I would just like to say that this was a truly remarkable issue. The editorial design perfectly matched the content. The understated elements really aided in letting the material shine. A perfect storm of great stories and great collaborators.

    Scott, give my compliments to your design team. Bravo

  • Nikola Mileta

    Cant wait till it comes overseas. Cover is so cute and cool at the same time. I love the House Industries work.

  • Josh Klenert

    Looks like you guys had fun with logo design in this issue between the cover logo and Stephen Doyle's illustration inside.

  • Claibourn Hamilton

    Hey Scott,

    I'm a little lucky here as I just received the new issue in the post yesterday! I've always been a fan of House Industries and see how they're custom fonts play well with the themed issue. Like Grant and the rest of the gang here, I'm thrilled!



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