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In between all the crazy preparation for Gala 44 (and trust me when I say you WON'T want to miss this one,) as a recurring item (and due to popular demand,) here is one of my latest design process vids of an opening spread featuring Drew Barrymore photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott from the April 2009 issue of W magazine. Looking back, I had an idea of where the design would end up, but wanted to explore a few options first.
Video after the jump.

The "Drew"ing Board from SPD Videos on Vimeo.

  • Mark Kaufman


    Thanks for the links.

    Audio commentary about each and every decision a designer makes might be tough to pull off, I just know that I always have an internal dialogue going on in my head; yes/no/maybe/bigger/smaller/new typeface/more leading/white space/why/why not/and on and on and on.


  • Mark Kaufman

    Thanks, I haven't seen these videos before. I'm going to search out others. Is there ever an audio track describing the various decisions/indecisions?

    Even if there isn't this video has a perfect music choice.

  • Grant Glas



    Your method, as Claibourn pointed out, "leaves no stone unturned." I really liked the "BD" concept. Your style is very evident from issue to issue. I enjoy flipping through the pages of W magazine each month to see your creative insight. I dig when you use the subject's name or initials and build from there using simplistic hybrid fonts or shapes. Truly superb.

  • Nathalie Kirsheh

    Grant, you're too kind... I generally aim for a neoteric feel from issue to issue. The important thing is that I have good time with it!

    Mark, Thank you, and here are links to a few I've created in the past:

    As for audio commentary... GREAT idea!

    Right on.

  • Kayleigh Ryley

    I love these videos! The different routes which looked nice with the black and white photo are interesting.

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