Eat Cheap Eats

Eat Cheap Eats

Two New York low cost food covers hit newsstands on the same week. Which works best?
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  • Andrei Michailov

    I think the NY Mag cover would've been more attractive if they've used slices of different cheap pizzas with crumbles around.. Or maybe a 4 fromaggi pizza with "Eat Cheap" written with ketchup (or at least the price of the pizza could've been written with ketchup and for Eat Cheap to keep the same typo as they used). But what about two different hands, one from the left with 5 bucks or something and one from the right offering one very cheap burger or a slice of pizza?

  • Jana Meier

    Maybe they could've used a more "high-end" spork to give the metaphor another twist?

  • david ross

    Actually, I think many of you are missing the point of the cover story which is to introduce the reader to some very good eatin' on a recession-era budget. The whole spork thing might have a bit of whit to it (for what ever thats worth) but it also says "crap food" in its tone. The New York Magazine does a clear and mouth-watering job of saying great food for under 25 dollars (though that's not really that cheap) that will appeal to both a passing potential reader and probably make the advertisers and mentioned restaurants happy as well (nothing to snigger at).


  • Katherine Bryja

    The spork cover has that smidgen of smartness that could have been taken to the next level. The pizza cover -- I certainly wouldn't call it inspired, though it is better as an aesthetic whole.

  • Tom McKenzie

    New York for me shows a tasty food at a good price, the other gives me a cafeteria feel. I too agree with Brandon about Natalie's idea

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