IEEE Spectrum: We Choose Mars

IEEE Spectrum: We Choose Mars

On the 40th anniversary of the date Apollo 11 launched to take Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin to the moon, we thought it appropriate to share some work embodying that same "next frontier" spirit: IEEE Spectrum shares a special issue they put together on the human exploration of Mars.

From Associate AD Michael Solita:
Seen below are the cover, TOC, and a few spreads from a 50-page report that delved into all the nitty-gritty details of what it would actually take to put people on the face of Mars in our lifetimes.

In planning the report's design, we tried to rekindle the imagination and excitement of the Apollo program in the 1960s. Original NASA planning documents inspired the grids and typography. We worked with illustrators Josh McKible, Bryan Christie Design and Jason Lee on explanatory graphics, while Jacob Thomas contributed Q+A interview portraits. Photographers Bill Cramer, Joshua Dalsimer, Mark Richards and Matthew Mahon contributed portraits and location photography.


The IEEE Spectrum creative team includes
Mark Montgomery : Senior AD
Michael Solita : Associate AD
Brandon Palacio : Assistant AD
Randi Silberman : Photo Editor

Editor's Note: When the IEEE team sent this in, their disclaimer was that it, "... may be of interest to some of the geekier SPD members ;) ." To which we can only respond, We are following @ApolloPlus40 on Twitter already. Where they are re-tweeting the moon landing. We prefer to think of ourselves as nerds, but it's all good. =)

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