"Shapes are my friends."

Last April at Semi-Permanent Sydney, I had the thrill of meeting and befriending one of my heroes, the terrific screenprinter Kate Gibb. I've been in love with her work since I laid eyes on her first record cover for Mono, back in 1997. Since that time, she's become the go-to artist for the Chemical Brothers, having created a career's worth of brilliant work for both full-length studio album covers and singles. Beyond that, she's created wide-ranging image campaigns for Dries Van Noten as well as Penguin books. 







We got to collaborate a couple of months after Semi-Permanent on a project for WIRED called "Living by Numbers", about the science of self-monitoring food and exercise. Looking back now at my upcoming stack of entries for Pub 45, I am reminded how happy I am with that story.


Not only is Kate a supreme talent, she's one of the loveliest people I've every had the privilege of meeting. Which is why I was thrilled to see this little behind-the-scenes video from SpineTV on her blog. It's a quick little profile but a great introduction for anyone not familiar with her work.

  • Robert Newman

    Mono's Formica Blues is one of the all-time classic art director CDs. We used it as the soundtrack for the Gala Awards evening that Janet Froelich and I hosted in the late 90s. I never knew who did the cover artwork, but it's beautiful. Thanks Scott for posting this great work.

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