Time magazine's 2009 Top 10 Magazine Cover list

Time magazine's 2009 Top 10 Magazine Cover list

Each year I write a piece for Time magazine (and Time.com) for its annual "Top 10 of Everything" feature. My contribution is a list of the 10 best magazine covers of the year. Last year's top cover was from the New Yorker (pictured to the left). To see the complete 2008 list, visit the site here.

Along with each choice, I write a little back story about the creation of the cover that I hope sheds some light on how the smart folks in our business achieve such high-quality results. (This year the "Top 10 of Everything" will run on Time.com only).

In the past I've done my own research for this story, but I've always felt that I may have been leaving something deserving out of the mix. So this year I'd like to recruit you magazine junkies and lovers to help me out by offering your own suggestions. 


Here are the other nine covers from the 2008 list (above).

You can offer as many or as few as you like, and they can come from the big magazines we all know, or from the most obscure publications out there. And of course they can come from your own magazines! The only common denominators are what you'd expect: creativity, quality of execution, intelligence and value to the publication.

If you submit a suggestion, please include the publication name and date, a decent JPG, PDF or PNG file, and, if you care to, a brief reason why you think it belongs on the list.

Please email suggestions with the images to arthur_hochstein@timemagazine.com by November 12. After that date I can still squeeze a few in, but sooner would be better.

Many thanks in advance to you all for joining in the fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Arthur Hochstein is the art director of Time magazine.
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