Dwell: The Future

Dwell: The Future

For Dwell's December/January issue, "The Future," the magazine commissioned just one photographer, Dean Kaufman, for their feature shoots. Photo Editor Amy Silberman tells us about the thinking that went into the commission and a little of the work Kaufman sent back from his shoots...

For the Future issue we wanted to do something that broke out of the normal structure of the magazine. So, from an editorial point of view we did away with our regular sections. This gave us the freedom to write about things that interested us about the future, without having to make them fit into any prior mold. From a design point of view we came in with a new font made just for that issue along with some layout changes. With the structure and look of the magazine, design wise, so different than what our readers are used to seeing, I wanted to follow suit with a new way of thinking about the photography for us, while at the same time lending some cohesion to the issue.

The best way to tackle that was to work with one photographer who embodies the truest sensibilities of Dwell. Dean has been a long time contributor and collaborator, and his eye is well trusted here. I know that I can send him out on an assignment and get beautiful images back, so it was really just the most logical choice. An added bonus was that Dean gets along easily in Japan, a place which is sometimes difficult to get access into peoples homes. It was so exciting to see the shots come back house by house, and know that we were going to have amazing images for the features of the future.

A few of Kaufman's shots from the issue:
The full portfolio can be seen on Kaufman's site here, and in the December/January issue of Dwell on newsstands now.

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