Twin Cities METRO Goes Foodie

Twin Cities METRO Goes Foodie Twin Cities METRO AD Bryan Nanista shares the story behind their December issue:

This is our first ever "food issue" where most of magazine was dedicated to the topic of food. Our readers do love guides, so we do a lot of them. Here is the main feature story which is another guide, but we actually did some good planning on how we were going to break it up with the interior and super close up shots of the different dishes from each main restaurants. Got the super close up idea from bon appetit's Thanksgiving issue.

As far as the cover goes, we took a big chance with a black background and a single cover line. Will it pay off on newsstands? Not sure, but I sure love the way it looks.

Some of the interior spreads from the issue:

METRO food feature-1_1.jpg
METRO food feature-2_1.jpg
METRO food feature-3_1.jpg
METRO food feature-4_1.jpg
METRO food feature-5_1.jpg
METRO food feature-6_1.jpg
METRO food feature-7_1.jpg
METRO food feature-8_1.jpg
METRO food feature-9_1.jpg

The creative team from Twin Cities METRO includes:
Art Director: Bryan Nanista
Photographers: Tate Carlson and Sara Rubinstein
Written by: Mecca Bos-Williams and Todd Smith
Editors: Chris Clayton and Chuck Terhark

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  • John McCauley

    Bryan, nice to see how it all came together.

  • Matt Tierney

    Looks fantastic, Bryan. The round-up/guide pages look fantastic—great balance between photo and text, and as mentioned above, all the little things combine to make the layout sing.

    Love the cover, too. The oyster on black is much more dramatic than the same shot on white. Kudos to you and the editors for going so stark on the copy. It's all that needs to be said, yet it's so hard to leave it at that.

    Congrats on a great job.

  • Grant Glas

    Nice point Robert... Little details make the difference. Everyone is well prepared in the big things, but only the best perfect the little details.

  • Robert Newman

    I give these guys props for the beautiful detailing on all the type, right down to the little coverlines above the logo on the front page. Separate from the images, you can tell that a lot of love and attention went into all these pages. Congrats on a very nice package.

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