Tablet Wrap-Up from CES

Tablet Wrap-Up from CES

With CES 2010 kicking off on Thursday (1/7/10) there are high expectations and will be lots of news about Tablets and e-Readers all with the mission to "save magazines and newspapers."

After the jump: Developments in days leading up to CES and news from the tech trade show:

QUE proReader
Engadget reports in about a market-ready QUE e-reader from Plastic Logic's CES press event.
Picture 425.png
Skiff Reader
With a 11.5-inch (flexible) touchscreen, this Heart-driven e-ink reader should challenge the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader for a better magazine and newspaper experience. More about the Skiff here.


As reported by, this eTextbook publisher is looking forward to a mythical 10" (amazingly iPhone-like) touch screen tablet. More about the app here.

Watch this demo (complete with creepy digital finger):

Also: Stay tuned for news on the rumored Apple tablet to be announced at the end of January.
[Updated: 01.10.10]

  • Jeremy LaCroix

    I want a wireless HD projector that works with the iTablet and will project my working screen up on a wall as big as I want and then I want the iTablet itself to operate as my Wacom tablet while the iTablet can also have the option of projecting a keyboard wherever I want.

    Of course the Tablet can operate as a keyboard I just want the option to project for flexibility in my workflow.

    I want it now, please!


  • Josh Klenert

    One e-Reader not mentioned yet: ALEX...

    the countdown to Apple's announcement continues.

    What do you want to see in the mythical Apple iSlate? wi-fi? cellular connection? full OSX? video conferencing? Flash support? 3D TV?

  • Emily Smith

    "On the Media" had a feature on the Apple Table/Slate this weekend, too:

    and more about how Apple leaks/*does not* leak their info:

    Seems like... a long wait until the end of the month now.

  • Josh Klenert
  • Emily Smith

    Ditto this, from Mike: "Of course, if this means I can get UK magazines instantly and with cheaper subscription fees, all the better. :)" a THOUSAND times.... Please, magazine gods. Please.

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