Behind the Design... Rihanna

Behind the Design... Rihanna

Here's another installment showcasing visual design explorations that I first began posting back in September of '08 with Anne Hathaway, Aria and Drew Barrymore designs.
For the February 2010 issue of W magazine, check out what could've worked, what definitely didn't work and what I ended up with.

After the jump, or you can view it as well as other great design treats on SPD's vimeo page here.

  • Todd Weinberger

    Very cool Nathalie! lets see some old school pencil sketches!

  • Tim Leong


  • Grant Glas

    Its been too long since we got one of these. Love it.

    Great photo to work with - so many possibilities. Personally I like the mocks with the single R's...

    But as always Nathalie kills it with the final design.

  • Andrea Dunham

    N to the K. NO WAY. killing me softly. beautiful work. --a from the d

  • Matt Willey

    Wow - that's fantastic! Beautiful stuff.

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