Real Simple: Time to Celebrate

Real Simple: Time to Celebrate With daylight savings time set to begin this Sunday, we might all be wishing we had a better understanding of time Monday morning. Real Simple's ahead of us on this: for their tenth anniversary issue this month (April 2010), Creative Director Janet Froelich decided just one cover would not be enough. The magazine's focus on time-saving and simplifying went conceptual, and then multiple. As reported in The New York Times on Monday,
"Time is a very intangible thing -- there isn't a picture of time, and there isn't a particular image that comes to mind,".... So Ms. Froelich decided to commission clocks from industrial designers, who usually create consumer products or conceptual sculptures.
A look at all the covers, photographed by Craig Cutler, and the specially-commissioned screensaver, after the jump...

(ABOVE: clock commissioned from Scott Henderson)

Real Simple April 10_1.jpg(ABOVE: clock commissioned from Harry Allen)

Real Simple April 10_2.jpg(ABOVE: clock commissioned from Boym Partners)

Also part of the commission: a time screen saver developed by Alan Dye, seen below and available for download here.


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