iPad: What's Your Review?

iPad: What's Your Review?

At first you notice the small things: how fast it really is; how the logo on the back helps you hold it with one hand; how intuitive it is to use. After playing with the iPad for a few days now, dissing it for being a big iPod touch is like dissing a convertible because the roof folds down. 

Its not a perfect device--there's a lot it does not do. It is a great one to consume content--its definitely a sofa-based device. While I found it a little uncomfortable trying to type a long email on your lap, I did find the iPad to be very easy to lean back with to surf and read with in the living room (anyone tested bathroom reading with it yet?).  

4x4 pub apps.jpg

Have you had a chance to play with the iPad? Downloaded any Apps? 

Have you read the news with from Apps from USA Today, WSJ, or NY Times? Booked a flight to your next shoot with Kayak? Sketched a layout with SketchBook? Flipped through an issue of TIME, Pop Sci, Outside or GQ? Killed time reading a Marvel comic or watching an ABC TV show?

Lets hear from you. Whats you're take?

TIME magazine iPad.jpg
pop sci cover ipad.jpg
outside magazine.jpg
GQ TOC ipad.jpg
From top: Apps from TIMEPop SciOutside and GQ.

NYTime.com is reporting on WIRED's iPad debut. Read the story here and download the app here, and then let us know your thoughts.


[Updated: 05.26.10]

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