Must Have App: EW's Must List

Must Have App: EW's Must List

One of the best apps from a magazine to date is Entertainment Weekly's Must List. It excels where others have stumbled: it does not try to be a "multi-media" magazine. The Must List, like their web site, expands on a concept born in print, but utilizes its unique platform.

In the app if you like an item on the List, you can view related videos or read related articles within a few clicks. Users can sort items by the traditional EW color coding system (great nod to the print brand!), and there are plenty of contextual commerce links via iTunes. Plus, make you're own Must List by setting your favorites--which uses some nice interactions like tap-and-drag. Like the print version, the Must List is a fun, fast read with great spot illustrations

Have you had a chance to play with it? What do you think? Lets us know.

  • Josh Klenert

    I did get to see the ALICE app. Its one of the best books I've seen yet. Opens up amazing possibilities for children's books.

  • Grant Glas

    Josh - thanks for this post! I agree with your take, "utilizes its unique platform".

    I would like to see this concept from more magazines. For instances, Time magazine section by section would be nice.

    Another good app, "Alice Lite"... It's an Alice in Wonderland book that also utilizes its unique platform. Great graphic design and elements that are fun without being to distracting.

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