Virtue & Vice Student Photography Competition Winners

Virtue & Vice Student Photography Competition Winners

"Fabulous", "solid", "haunting", are words our judges used in describing some of the winning photographs in SPD's second annual student photography competition. We agree and are very impressed with all the entries from students around the world.

First place prize goes to Nathanael Turner whose photos document the life of his friend and rap musician Larson. Of the winning image, Closet Studio (a photo of a recording studio in a closet), Nathanael says "The makeshift studio shows the resourcefulness necessary to create without abundant resources and support." After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology this summer, he plans to move to New York to begin assisting and shooting. We hope his first place prize, a Nikon camera a space at the Eddie Adams Workshop will get him off to a good start.

Turner_N_closet_studio.jpgWe were charmed when second prize-winner Yusuke Suzuki told us he'd applied to the competition hoping to win second prize: a portfolio review with Stephen Mayes, Director of VII Photo agency. "VII is the photo agency that I respect from the bottom of my heart. So it is like a dream!! " Yusuke, a freshman at New England School of Photography, moved from Japan last summer to study documentary photography in Boston. His winning image was taken in while traveling with a NGO Afghanistan, as, he says, "I was curious and wanted to find out the truth first-hand, document it and bring it to Japanese (and other) younger generations." Yusuke is joining us at SPD's Design Gala on May 7th.

Yusuke Suzuki _Virtue Vice_003.JPGKelsey Wolf's self-portrait-as-subject won her third prize, and is a part of a series on isolation and reclusion she's producing as a junior at Messiah College. "To me the photograph shows the fear of being known by other people, how someone will disguise who they are and hide from everything." We hope Kelsey's prize, a summer internship at Magnum Photos, will continue to inspire her as she continues a career in photography.

Kelsey Wolf_Virtue Vice_1.jpgIn addition to these prizes, every winner also won Adobe CS4 and a one-year subscription to American Photo, Aperture, and Photo District News magazines.

Tatiana_Gulenkina_Virtue Vice_1.jpgHonorable mention goes out to Tatiana Gulenkina, a junior at Maryland Institute College of Art, for this rich and original fantasy fashion image.  Great work.

  • Catherine Talese

    and you can see more of Nathanael's work here:


  • Catherine Talese

    Yusuke Suzuki's web site, The Minstrel Boy, has a lots of great work from his travels in Afghanistan, America, Cambodia, the Philippines and Japan.

    I'm sure you'll be mighty impressed.

  • Casey Tierney

    Hey CT--great finds! Do any of these talented contestants have websites to share???

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