Homage, Inspiration, or .......

Homage, Inspiration, or ....... Here's my own contribution to the SPD "Inspiration" discussion. In 1993 I was working as design director at The Village Voice. A few hours before closing, the editors came up with a new cover idea, the diminished mayorality of NYC Mayor David Dinkins. Desperate for an idea, I came across a recent Time magazine cover on President Clinton, "The Incredible Shrinking President." Voice editor Jonathan Larsen loved the idea of expropriating an idea from Time (the cover had gotten a lot of publicity when it came out), so we tweaked it to our own story. Illustrator Eric Palma quickly drew a caricature of Dinkins for us and faxed it over. We scanned the fax, added a credit line on the TOC that acknowledged the cover was "inspired by....," and closed the it all about an hour later.

(Above): Time, June 1993, art director: Arthur Hochstein. The Village Voice, August 1993, art director: Robert Newman; illustrator: Eric Palma.

Send us your stories and examples of inspiration, homage, and just outright theft.

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  • Josh Klenert

    PARADE & Drew Carey keeps the trend alive...


  • Emily Smith

    "... and faxed it over" is almost the best part of this story.

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