Mag App: Project magazine

Mag App: Project magazine

Engadget sat down with Sir Richard Branson to discuss the launch of his iPad-only Project magazine ($2.99 per issue). Sir Engaget reports that Branson had "no f**king idea why" Project was only on the iPad and not on the web -- although he did say Project was a "proper magazine" and not "just thrown together for the web."

Project launches ahead of News Corp.'s new iPad newspaper The Daily, which is expected to launch in the next few weeks.

Watch their interview with Sir Richard after the jump...

Have you downloaded Project? What do you think?

  • Josh Klenert

    Feeling like deja vu to the "multimedia" CD-ROM era?

  • Erik Spooner

    That's not the only turn-off. The reason it's so big: they filled it up with completely useless video. The cover, the TOC and the cover story all use HUGE videos of Jeff Bridges that are completely meaningless. Do I *really* need to see him walking across the beach and kicking up sand like an awkward schmuck? Nosiree. The creative decision making in this mag is full of this kind of glossy trickery.

    And don't even get me started on the goddang instruction page. It's like reading the schematics of a nuclear bomb! It's a junker, plain and simple.

  • Josh Klenert

    Indeed, from a users point of view: quite a turn off.

  • Grant Glas

    When downloading Project they fail to ever label how big the actual issue file is... Most magazine apps are 150 - 200 MB which means at least a 15 minute download time and the possibility for errors... Is this really the right solution? There is an option not to bundle the content and pull it from the web.

  • Robert Newman

    I'd like to leave a comment on what it was like to read and use Project, but like so many people, I simply haven't been able to download it to my iPad. Out of the many magazine apps I've downloaded over the past few months, this has been the only one that has frustrated me in its inability to get into my digital hands. Online blogs and the comments section on iTunes are filled with similar stories, many of them very frustrated and angry. The little I have been able to see of it makes me think that Project has the same feel as many magazines launched by brands that aren't publishing's basically another version of Trump magazine. But again, since all my efforts to actually get the app have failed, my impressions are just based on the few pages I saw in the app store and the many comments I've read.

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