Working Mother Redesigns

Working Mother Redesigns Working Mother has been the go-to resource for a generation of moms striving to balance kids and career. Creative Director Ebelinda Antigua has just finished a redesign of the Bonnier title and shares some of the thoughts behind their process...
For the redesign of Working Mother, the overall goal of the creative team was to design a simple and clean magazine to reflect a working mom's life.

The cover of the magazine (above) tells readers how much time the shortcuts in the issue will save them.

WM_TOCmerge.png(above: new TOC pages)
The new architecture of Working Mother reflects the structure of a working mom's daily life, divided into "Morning," "Day," and "Evening" sections, each tailored to provide time-saving strategies and advice for the challenges and opportunities she faces throughout the day. A "Weekend" section helps her make the most of downtime with her family. Throughout, departments and features have been reinvented with font and architectural changes. The overall design goal was to create a clean and easy-to-navigate magazine both visually and editorially.

Morning helps her start the day off right, with energizing breakfast ideas and tips. Here we use bold icons and eye-catching images.

Day addresses work-family balance, and how childcare and financial issues may impact her career; we introduced fun illustrations and pages that are easy to navigate.

Evening offers ways to make the most of the dinner -to-bedtime rush with pages that give time to every aspect of the evening.

Weekend gives her fresh ideas for catching up on quality time with her spouse and children -- and for finding some time for herself.

The features have been reinvented with simple solutions and beautiful photography.

17-lastpagetime for you.jpg
Each issue ends with "Time for You," a page that offers fun suggestions for simple ways readers can enjoy those precious extra minutes they gained by reading the magazine and following our time-saving tips.

The Working Mother creative team includes:
Creative Director: Ebelinda Antigua
Senior Designer: Sabrina Hall
Photo Director: Ryan Cline

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  • pcrowl

    I love the nugget-y feel to it. The pops of color are great too. Very refreshing!

  • Donna Reiss

    Smart, clean design. As a working mother & designer. LOVE!


  • Wilbert Gutierrez

    Ebby is a wonderful art director. Way to go, this looks awesome.

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