Roger Black on the iPad and his Next Enterprise

Roger Black on the iPad and his Next Enterprise Design studio? check.
Font foundry? check.
Off the shelf magazine templates? check.

Up next in the Roger Black enterprise: Treesaver, a browser-based digital publishing system for multiple screen sizes. A very interesting endeavor considering all the new platforms we need to deliver content to.

So, what about that old iPad? Out promoting this new venture, Roger tells New York Observer blog Beta Beat: that "I got one the first week, but I don't use it much anymore."

He went on to say: 
"I am flabbergasted by how many people went out and bought an iPad," he added, "and even more so how the publishing industry thought it was some kind of magic pony that would save them."

Above, courtesy of BetaBeat: Roger Black and Filipe Fortes

A look over at their new site tell is that Treesaver can deliver:
Treesaver is an in-browser reading experience that dynamically adapts to a user's device and screen size. Using web-standard technologies present in HTML5, Treesaver enables innovative, visually appealing column-based page designs that don't require any additional downloads: all you need is a modern web browser.

On the new venture, Roger tells Beta Beat:
"If people created better experiences for the Web and it didn't look like ..." Mr. Black paused, rubbing a handover the shiny dome of his forehead and wincing at the thought. "I mean, most Web pages are like third-world soccer stadiums," he continued, a hint of exasperation creeping into voice. "A lot of posters everywhere and you can't figure out where the exit is. It's just a mess." Treesaver relies on HTML, the lingua franca of the Web, so articles adapt to different devices and operating systems, bypassing the expensive process of creating a unique app for each of the competing stores run by Google, Apple and Microsoft. Publishers using Treesaver can lay out an article once and be confident their readers will see the intended look no matter what hardware they're using. Mr. Black built the program in partnership with Filipe Fortes, an interaction designer and Microsoft vet with a Master's degree in human-computer interaction.

For more on Treesaver, check out Beta Beat's interview with Mr. Black here
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