From SXSW: SPIN Play App for iPad

From SXSW: SPIN Play App for iPad SPIN icon 2011-03-15 at 6.15.50 PM.pngFalling under the category of "reinvent," SPIN debuts a killer new app for iPad called SPIN Play here in Austin, TX. 

CD Devin Pedzwater and DD Ian Robinson worked with development shop Bottle Rocket to create the app which leverages the printed magazine, but also adds live news & reviews feeds and what you would expect the most out of a music magazine: music. With a downloaded issue, users can stream 60+ songs mentioned in the magazine, making it a unique immersive experience. The app is "free," which gives you access to news & reviews, but each issue is an in app purchase (March is free, and April is $1.99)

I have two issues with the app: issue download time & multitasking. Downloading the March 2011 issue took a painfully long TK* minutes on wi-fi (long enough to flip through the entire print issue ... great oral history of HBO's Mr. Show with Bob and David). Also, when you switch over to another app, the return is quite slow.

But, all of this was made up by their well executed and simple UI that allows a user to navigate an entire issue via a set of large thumbnails with each article one tap away. Live news feeds are also rethought--not straight web pages. Both news and reviews are another clean strip of stories (all easily shareable via email, Facebook and Twitter). SPIN Play is definitely a must download app (see also: The Cut, EW's Must List).

*22 minutes and counting.

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