An All-New 'Ap'

An All-New 'Ap'

The good people at Bon Appetit have just posted a slide show of their latest redesign.

From new editor Adam Rapoport's blog:

The point is, we here at the new Bon Appetit are going to follow our gut. Everyone on this staff, from the creative director to the research editor, loves to cook, eats with conviction, and never hesitates to tell you where he or she ate last weekend. Food matters to us. And this might sound corny and earnest, but I really believe that having good food in your life makes your life better. It makes your family happier and your time with your friends more enjoyable.

Sounds like fun.
  • Jeremy LaCroix

    The cover was shot by Romolo Yanes of Gourmet fame, he shot for Gourmet for many years.

  • Nicole Zigmont

    WOW re-design! Very nice.

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