April Foolery

April Foolery
Our man in the UK, Jeremy Leslie at MagCulture.com, found it first, but we had to pass this along. Full story after the jump ...

Khoi Vinh, former DD at NYTimes.com who's currently consulting on a variety of projects, created this tongue-in-cheek illustration for indie magazine dealer Stack America to mock the sometimes over-complicated nav instructions that currently accompany many iPad magazines.

From Khoi Vinh's site:

In February I wrote a blog post called "Unnecessary Explanations," citing the preponderance of explanatory screens for iPad magazines and other iPad apps as a sign of poorly-executed user experience design. [Stack America editor] Andrew Losowsky suggested to me I could parody the concept of instructional screens altogether by creating an illustration of an instructional screen for a print magazine, and after the two of us riffed on this idea over email for a while, we came up with this.
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