Cover of the Day, April 22, 2011

Cover of the Day, April 22, 2011
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Welcome to The SPD Cover of the Day. Today, we have a multiple platform edition featuring PM's May 2011 cover for print, iPad and their newest platform: Samsung Galaxy. Stay tuned for the best and coolest magazine and newspaper covers, as selected by our stellar group of experts.

Popular Mechanics, May 2011 (above: iPad edition)
Design Director: Michael Lawton
Senior Art Director: Peter Herbert
Logo Animation: Vladimir Shelest
Cover Illustration by Matthew Laznicka

Popular Mechanics, May 2011 (iPad edition launch animation)

Popular Mechanics, May 2011 (Samsung Galaxy edition)

Popular Mechanics, May 2011 (Print edition)
  • pcrowl

    Two Christmases ago, I got my dad a subscription to Popular Mechanics. I like to give subscriptions as gifts because they last a year and they're, in a way, job security! Since my dad starting getting Popular Mechanics, I have been quick to steal away every last issue! I never realized how handsome of a magazine it was! This cover is my favorite in recent memory, which is saying a lot!

  • R. Scott Wells


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