Joe Newton: Head of Type

Joe Newton: Head of Type

I first met Joe Newton at Rolling Stone about 20 years ago (yikes!) when he was visiting from Seattle. He was a cool cat in a pork pie hat and rolled up jeans, and we immediately became music buddies. Joe was working at The Stranger at the time, and since then, has served as deputy art director at Rolling Stone (small world) and spent some time with me at SpotCo.

Joe's now got the best title in the industry--"Head of Type" at Veer. He's they guy who makes those great little font specimens you see on the Veer site, and more importantly, Joe is the curator of the Veer font collection. But in case you didn't know, in his spare time, Joe designs type and does some pretty swell illustrations (and is available to do them for your publication...).

"As a graphic designer," says Joe, "I have been working with type for 20 years, and thought myself a pretty decent typographer. So I was amazed upon taking on this job to find layers of detail I had never imagined. Type seems to be an infinitely detailed universe. And of course, how amazing is it to have access to all the new releases from some of the world's greatest foundries?"
More Joe Newton type:
  • Anjan Das

    Thanks so much for Sharing Joe. It helps a lot.

  • Jon Parker

    Go, Joe! Great work!

  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    Experiencing some serious type envy here... Love Joe's endless creativity and passion.

  • Nancy Harris Rouemy

    I second that. Joe is a real pro and also a talented musician to boot! NHR

  • Robert Newman

    It doesn't get any cooler than Joe Newton!

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