Runner's World: For Obsessives and Newbies, May's Your Issue

Runner's World: For Obsessives and Newbies, May's Your Issue Now that Winter's long grip seems to be releasing us, you may have decided it's time to get back out into the world and actually do something -- if you're thinking it's time to start running, the May 2011 issue of Runner's World, "The Special Beginner's Guide" (It's like they know us -- Ed.) is the one for you. Design Director Kory Kennedy sends along the openers from the feature well and some backstory on each to let us know what's coming...

(top) B.Q. Or Die
Photograph by Dana Hursey
The Boston Marathon is the oldest Marathon in the world and the most difficult to get into. It is required that runners meet a strict qualifying time standard in the appropriate age group to gain entry into the race. That being the case, qualifying for the race (and the bragging rights that come with it) is considered the "holy grail" for a lot of OBSESSED runners all over the world.

2_BARKLEY.jpg(above) Notorious
Illustration by Nathan Fox
Deep in the mountains of Frozen Head State Park of Knoxville, Tennessee, the Barkley Marathons is one of the most brutal and terrifying trail-running competitions in the world and a race that only eight people in history have ever FINISHED. The Barkley covers a total of 100 miles (but it is believed to be closer to 130 by the participants) which is why its called the Barkley Marathons with an s.

The inspiration for the race was the escape of James Earl Ray (Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassin) from the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. Ray was "out there" for 54 hours until he was found cold, hungry, and scratched to ribbons. His captors reported that he seemed genuinely relieved to have been found. In all, Ray's 54 hours of bushwhacking netted him only a few miles of freedom.

3_KARA.jpg(above) Running 101: Class Is In Session
Photograph by Dylan Coulter
Illustration by Carmen Segovia
Running advice for beginners from Olympian, marathoner, new mom (and Runner's World star model) Kara Goucher. This is Part 1 of the beginners package.

4_MENTOR.jpg(above) Running 101: Learn To Teach
Photographs by Sergio Ballivan
By guiding beginning runners through their training and supporting and inspiring them to get across the finish line, accomplished runners can give back to the running community by becoming a Mentor. This is Part 2 of the beginners package.

5_RABBIT.jpg(above) Run Rabbit Run
Photograph by Jason Gould
Rabbits are "freelance" runners that are hired by race directors to set a fast, early pace for the world's best. The idea is that the rabbit is a pacesetter that the pack of runners keeps in stride with for a good chunk of the race, but then mysteriously falls back or even drops out of the race so that an elite, higher profile runner can step up and win. Sometimes records are set...but there are others when, with the finish in sight, the rabbit breaks the rules and makes a mad dash for glory of his own...

The Runner's World creative team includes:

Design Director: Kory Kennedy
Photo Editor: Andrea Maurio
Deputy Art Director: Marc Kauffman
Associate Photo Editor: Nick Galac
Assistant Art Director: Christine Snedecor
Assistant Photo Editor: Amanda Hinderks
Production Coordinator: Carly Migliori

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