Magazine of the Year Finalists #1: Bloomberg Businessweek

Magazine of the Year Finalists #1: Bloomberg Businessweek This Friday, May 13, at the SPD Gala, we'll be announcing the winner of this year's Magazine of the Year. This week we'll be running previews of each finalist, building up to Friday's big celebration. Be sure to check in every day to see the best magazine design work of the past year, and be sure to follow the results as they're posted on Twitter in real time Friday night. Our Twitter feed is @SPDtweets.

The first of the five finalists for Magazine of the Year is Bloomberg Businessweek, creative director: Richard Turley.

(Above): Bloomberg Businessweek, December 20, 2010. Creative director: Richard Turley.

001A copy.jpgCover: October 25, 2010, photograph by Fredrik Broden.

001D copy.jpgCover: November 1, 2010, illustration by Nick White.

001C copy.jpgPhotograph by Jamie Chung.

001E copy.jpgPhotograph by Marco DiLauro.

001I copy.jpgFrom the Year in Review all-graphics issue.

001F copy.jpgPhotograph by Stefan Ruiz.

001H copy.jpgFrom the Year in Review all-graphics issue.

001B copy.jpg
Photograph by Ofer Wolberger, illustration by Jennifer Daniel.

The Bloomberg Businessweek visuals team:

Creative Director: Richard Turley
Design Director: Cynthia Hoffman
Art Director: Robert Vargas
Designers: Patricia Kim, Gina Maniscalco, Maayan Pearl, Lee Wilson, Evan Applegate, Kenton Powell
Director of Photography: David Carthas
Senior Photo Editor: Karen Frank
Photo Editors: Donna Cohen, Tania Pirozzi, Diana Suryakusuma, Jane Yeomans, Emily Keegin, Myles Little, Marianne Butler, Susanne Miklas
Editor-In-Chief: Josh Tyrangiel

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  • Scott Dadich

    Amazingly gorgeous work. Congratulations!

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