The SPD 45 iPad App: Reviewed

The SPD 45 iPad App: Reviewed SPD has been getting some nice notices for its new design annual iPad app, which was released last week. Here's what folks have said:

Steven Heller: "The first of its kind: the hardcover design annual re-invented for the iPad."

Joe Zeff: "An incredible new iPad app that sets a new standard...the digital version far surpasses the traditional version."

Mario Garcia: "An outstanding first effort...solid, attractive, easy to navigate." There's also a nice interview with app designer (and SPD co-vice president) Josh Klenert, with lots of behind-the-scenes info on its creation.

The SPD 45 iPad app is available here.

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  • Andrei Michailov

    And one more thing. It will be great if you can put in a future update a Favourites section. This way, every user can build his own gallery that he can quickly access... just an idea

  • Andrei Michailov


    First of all congratulations for the app. It looks and works amazing. And all those covers, pages, photographs and illustration... a true inspiration as always from such creative people! And now I can carry and show all of them everywhere that I go!

    Still, I was wondering if there's any chance for an app or in-app purchase of the SPD 46.

    Thank you once again for your great work!

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