FontShop Brings 620,000 Fonts to Your iPad

FontShop Brings 620,000 Fonts to Your iPad
FONTBOOK.jpgYou've had their iconic yellow and black book on our shelves for years. Now it's available on your iPad. FontBook, from FontShop, contains over 620,000 typeface specimens from 110 type foundries. Use the FontBook app to look up and view fonts by name, style category, typographical subclassification, designer name, foundry name, year of publication, or by similarity of design. Compile your own list of favorite fonts, and use the "compare" tool to test-drive fonts.

FontBook is primarily an online browsing application-- it displays its full content only when your device has internet access through a WiFi or 3G mobile connection. However, if you have no online access, you can temporarily switch the "include online content" setting to "off". This will enable the app to display a reduced pool of selected content which will work offline.

FontBook's creators say the app will be continually updated with more type specimens as they become available through new font releases and the addition of new type foundries.

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