This FPO's Not Forever

This FPO's Not Forever Tina Roth Eisenberg, the Brooklyn-based guru behind Swiss-Miss (possibly your favorite design blog), Teux Deux (possibly your favorite get-it-done app) and more, has a new venture in Tattlys -- clever, well-designed, not-permanent tattoos (three things you possibly didn't expect to read together). Each Tuesday, a new batch is released and yesterday's designs seem custom made for print loving people like us. From the Swiss-Miss herself:
... this week's design are a homage to print design. We launched two new artists: Jason Tiernan debuts with FPO (For Placement Only), a cheeky little placeholder for your forthcoming Tattly endeavors, and our own Yoko Sakao Ohama joins the fun with Crops. Josh Smith returns with the ever-classic Golden Ratio, and I contributed a colorful CMYK Tattly.
Get your own set here.

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