The 1912 ATF Specimen ... Now Available Online!

The 1912 ATF Specimen ... Now Available Online! Jonathan Hoefler tweeted recently that he'd found a site that had digitized the American Type Foundry's 1912 Type Specimen book. It's true. If you don't know this book, next time you're at a bar with a typographer, mention that you've got a copy--your drinks will be free all night.

Familiarity with the ATF book will only serve to increase your typography cred among your designer friends, too. Being able to present examples on your iPhone is even better. It's definitely worthwhile to spend some time looking through its pages.

Get a PDF of the book here.

Sample pages after the jump ...

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  • Lucky 11 Studios

    Yes, I second the thanks that is in order on this one. Great post Patrick.

  • Todd Albertson

    The holy grail of posts on this blog. THANKS Patrick, for sharing.

    (I guess I should follow Hoefler on twitter)

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