LA Times Magazine Shutting Down

LA Times Magazine Shutting Down
Nearly three years after the LA Times Magazine was removed from control of the business end of the paper and put back under the Los Angeles Times' editorial umbrella, the monthly pub is being shut down. FishbowlLA spoke with the mag's editor, Nancie Clare, who told us that the upcoming June issue will be the magazine's last.

"I think it's fair to say there were revenue issues," she tells us. "It's still a tough economic climate, especially for print. I don't think they got rid of us because they don't like us."

The mag's staff of seven will be let go. There's no indication if positions will be available for them in other sections of the paper.

"I think the jury is still out. Part of what's going on is a contraction. They're contracting in the newsroom too. There's nowhere to absorb us."

Clare says the staff is handling the news stoically.

"There was no animosity or screaming. We're professionals in a very small media market. Print is in a tough place right now. [The Times] is doing what they think is best. I obviously disagree. But I really appreciate that Russ Stanton gave us the opportunity to do this. When the previous editor was let go, he went out on a limb for us. And I think we've done some great stuff."

The mag's staff was only recently made aware of the eminent closure. Future plans are still up in the air. But Clare is confident everyone will land on their feet.

"I'm going to be working. And so will all of my people. I can't sing the praises of my staff enough. Helene Goldsen is the best managing editor on Earth. [Design and Culture Editor] Mayer Rus is amazing. Rip Georges is a multi-award-winning designer. The young ones too...Raha Lewis with music...There's only seven of us. We've been on a shoestring and the product we've produced is excellent."
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