Time Covers the Olympics

Time Covers the Olympics
Ahead of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, TIME releases an Olympics preview issue with five separate covers -- three domestic and two international -- each featuring a top athlete. Gymnast Gabby Douglas, swimmer Ryan Lochte, and hurdler Lolo Jones -- all American athletes -- each appear solo on the three domestic split covers. The two international covers feature English heptathlete Jessica Ennis and Japanese soccer player Homare Sawa.

  • US Gymnast Gabby Douglas
    US Gymnast Gabby Douglas
  • Japanese soccer player Homare Sawa
    Japanese soccer player Homare Sawa
  • English heptathlete Jessica Ennis
    English heptathlete Jessica Ennis
  • US swimmer Ryan Lochte
    US swimmer Ryan Lochte

TIME's U.S edition last featured split cover images for the August 4, 2008 issue on the Beijing Summer Olympics, with LeBron James and Dara Torres on different covers. TIME put Liu Xiang on the cover for its Asia edition that week. 

TIME Managing Editor Rick Stengel writes, "Even as the Games have endured controversies over doping, bribery and the high-handed tactics of the International Olympic Committee, the beauty of sport, the spirit of the athletes and the pure meritocracy of physical ability always manage to triumph over politics."

See TIME's three US covers with Ryan Lochte, Gabby Douglas, and Lolo Jones, photographed by Martin Schoeller above.
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