ShopSmart Redesign

ShopSmart Redesign The Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine was relaunched in January with a bright, sharp new design. The 300,000 circulation magazine is aimed at women 35-60, and is densely packed with consumer service material, charts, lists, best and worsts, and much more. The redesign is a remarkable structuring and ordering of a huge amount of editorial stuff, all crisply articulated and bright and engaging. This is a really smart redesign, one which gives the magazine a huge jumpstart and a powerful visual identity. We've got a nifty gallery of selected pages from the January and February 2013 issues of ShopSmart.

The ShopSmart team:

Editor-in-chief: Lisa Lee Freeman
Design director: Tim LaPalme
Creative director: Melissa Paterno Plonchak
Redesign consultant: Maxine Davidowitz
Art directors: Tammy Morton Fernandez and Julie Schrader
Photo editor: Karen Shinbaum
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