SPD Playlists: Jamie Prokell

SPD Playlists: Jamie Prokell "I listen to music at least 11 hours a day," says More magazine's senior art director Jamie Prokell.
He's constantly on the search for new bands and sounds. "[I'm] happy to share some of the music I have found in the past year. Some of it is good to get pumped up to start work, some is good for walking and traveling, a couple work for kerning." 

You can check out his playlist via Spotify here: Jamie Prokell's SPD Playlist.

1. Beautiful Sound, Jack Ladder
"Achingly beautiful song, makes heartbreak seem attractive."
2. No Hurry (Subterfuge), Andrew St. James
"A good song at the beginning of the day."
3. Decoder Ring, The Static Jacks
4. Blockbuster Night Part 1, Run The Jewels
"The best new Hip-Hop I heard [in '15]. Also worth listening to is their cat themed remix album called "Meow The Jewels" if that is your thing."
5. McKinley, Mike Pace And The Child Actors
"Forgot how I found these guys, but glad I did."
6. Singing, Way Yes
"Experimental pop out of Ohio with fun lyrics."
7. Bad'N'Ruin, Faces
"It's early Rod Stewart and good."
8. Television, You Won't
9. Swim Until I Can't See Land, Frightened Rabbit
"A great anthem for getting up every day and giving it your all."
10. Farewell Transmission, Songs: Ohia
"Reminds me of Neil Young."
11. Work, Gang Starr
"This song is for everyone who has been asked 'What kind of work do you do?'
12. Poison, Thieving Irons
13. Wave Backwards To Massachusetts (Big Digits Remix), Hallelujah The Hills
14. This Year, The Mountain Goats
"Optimism and angst in equal measure."
15. Strange Powers, The Magnetic Fields
"Steven Merritt's lyrics...love them." 
16. Friends & Co, Turf War
17. It's True, Thee Spivs
"It reminds me of being a teenager and feeling like I finally belong somewhere."
18. Searching Through The Past, Bleached
"Feels like party that I want to be at."
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