COMPETITION CLOSED // SPOTS 2010: The Call for Entries. Medals! A Book! A Party! Enter now.

COMPETITION CLOSED // SPOTS 2010: The Call for Entries. Medals! A Book! A Party! Enter now. (Please note: this competition is closed. For the current SPOTS competition, please see this post.  --  The Editors)

Illustration is changing, showing up in unexpected ways, blurring borders, reinventing itself as a medium for bold expression in the digital age. Tightening budgets are breeding creative solutions. Online publishing initially brought a stifling proliferation of photographic syndication, stock imagery, sameness. Now illustrators are moving to the forefront, providing the character and dynamism needed to stand out in a crowd of predictability.

And they're doing it with SPOTS.

The static full-page illustration is no longer the standard of excellence. In both printed and digital publications, the most exciting illustration is weaving its way into the fabric of the story, dancing with the written word, making trends tangible, telling deeper truths, communicating identities, and often wrestling the spotlight for itself.

Communities are forming around these images and their makers, and new models are emerging. The illustrator as publisher is becoming a reality.

SPD is the only organization to honor this exciting, evolving artform with its annual SPOTS competition, a part of our mission to promote the best in publication design, today and every day. Commissioned work by publications of any form is awarded, and beginning this year, we honor UNcommissioned work, pieces published only by you, the illustrator.

Download the Call for Entries and Entry Forms here.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU WIN? As ever, winning SPOTS will be included in the upcoming SPD PUB 45 Annual and in the bi-annual only-one-of-its-kind The SPOTS Book, '10-'11 Edition, the essential, quirky, desktop reference of brilliant illustration solutions that connects assigning ADs with problem-solving Illustrators. We're also having a party to honor the winning ADs and Illustrators, with cocktails, mingling and medals -- some of our favorite things!, and winners are included in the online archive galleries of

WHO'S JUDGING? An outstanding panel of editorial illustrators and art directors who also happen to love and respect illustration, including:

Gail Anderson, Creative Director, Design, Spot Co.
Ken DeLago, Design Director, Golf Digest
John Gall, Art Director, Random House
Kory Kennedy, Design Director, Runner's World
Aviva Michaelov, Art Director, Op-Ed Page, The New York Times
Yuko Shimizu, Illustrator
Sarah Viñas, Managing Art Director, Glamour
Robert Zimmerman, and
Matthew Lenning, Design Director, Bon Appétit (SPOTS Chair)

Download the Call for Entries here, and get your SPOTS in by the May 5th deadline

Call for Entries llustration courtesy Istvan Banyai.

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