SPD51: Instructions for Medal Finalists + Merit Winners

SPD51: Instructions for Medal Finalists + Merit Winners

Congratulations on being a Medal Finalist or Merit Winner in the world's best editorial design competition! **CLOSED**

The Gold and Silver Medal winners will be announced at the SPD Gala (Friday, May 6th at Cipriani, 25 Broadway).  We hope you will join us for this spectacular evening to celebrate the best of 2015.

In order to publish your work, we need the following from you immediately:

1. Log into the SPD 51 Acclaim System 

This is the same system you used to enter the SPD 51 Competition.  All your winning entries are listed once you log-in.  

2. For EACH WINNING ENTRY ID#, submit high-res CMYK tiffs at 350 dpi. 8" wide.

A. Magazine of the Year Winners - Submit one (1) cover & two (2) spreads from EACH ISSUE (9 files total, 3 from each issue).   

B. Brand of the Year Winners - Submit one (1) cover from the print issue, and one (1) tiff from the APP and one (1) tiff from the website (3 files total).

C. Entire Issue & Redesign Issue Winners - Submit one (1) cover & two (2) spreads (3 files total per winning entry ID#). For Redesign, only submit work from the "AFTER" issue. 

D. Story Winners & Section Multiple Issue Winners - Submit two (2) spreads or single pages of each winning entry (2 files total per winning ID#). Choose the best, most representative pages from your story or section.

E. Cover, Spread/Single Page, & Redesign Section, Section Single Issue Winners - Submit one (1) cover, single page, or spread (1 file total per winning ID#). For Redesign Section, only submit work from the "AFTER" section. 

F. Digital Winners - Submit 1-2 representative CMYK tiffs of each winning entry (2 files max per winning ID#), depending on the category.  APP Cover, Homepage, and Single Screen should submit one (1) file per winning ID#.

G. Name each file by the Entry ID# (i.e. E-1234-567) attached to each entry.  For MULTIPLE SPREAD ENTRIES (entire issue, redesign, story), mark the ID#s in the following manner.  For example: with a Photo, Feature Story winner ID# E-1234-567, file names should be: E-1234-567A, E-1234-567B, etc.

Please note: Winning spreads submitted as individual, separated single pages CANNOT be accepted & will not be pieced together by SPD.  Do not send JPG, Quark or InDesign files. We cannot convert your fonts and images to TIFF. Work submitted this way will not appear in PUB 51.

3. For EACH WINNING ENTRY ID#, VERIFY and APPROVE CREDITS for all creatives that worked on the entry.

Please proofread and spell-check all credit information as you want it to be published in the PUB 51 Annual.

4. PAY YOUR PUB FEES, renew membership, buy gala tickets, and pre-order the PUB 51 annual.

A publication fee is required for inclusion in the PUB51 Annual; member rate of $60 per entry, and non-member rate, $120 per entry.  Late fees apply after April 1st. Submissions that have missing payment will not be published.


All submissions after this date are subject to Late Fees.  Images not received by Friday, April 1, 2016 will NOT BE INCLUDED in the Annual.
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