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SPD Q&A: Nathalie Kirsheh

SPD Q&A: Nathalie Kirsheh

The December issue of Details will be its last, and that's a terrible thing. Not only terrible for the print industry, but especially bad for the style-deprived men that depend on its scent-filled pages. 

For the last five years, Nathalie Kirsheh has stretched the visual bedrock of Rockwell Harwood into something remarkable. Anyone who's serious about publication design knows Nathaile's work. Her design is some of the most inspirational, forward-thinking, delicate, violent, head-scratching, how'd-she-come-up-with-that type of design that we've all tried to copy at one time or another.  

In the days following the announcement of the demise of Details, we asked Kirsheh a couple of questions about her past and her future. This is what she had to say. 

(By the way check out Nathalie's website, it's pretty great:


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