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Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated "Appreciates" a Time cover

Neil Jamieson of People mag submits this cover from his days at Sports Illustrated, for our inspiration, homage, and appreciation collection. The Time cover is from June 7, 1993. Sports Illustrated is from May 30, 2005.

Time: art director, Arthur Hochstein

Sports Illustrated: creative director, Steven Hoffman.

Homage, Inspiration, or .......

Homage, Inspiration, or .......

Here's my own contribution to the SPD "Inspiration" discussion. In 1993 I was working as design director at The Village Voice. A few hours before closing, the editors came up with a new cover idea, the diminished mayorality of NYC Mayor David Dinkins. Desperate for an idea, I came across a recent Time magazine cover on President Clinton, "The Incredible Shrinking President." Voice editor Jonathan Larsen loved the idea of expropriating an idea from Time (the cover had gotten a lot of publicity when it came out), so we tweaked it to our own story. Illustrator Eric Palma quickly drew a caricature of Dinkins for us and faxed it over. We scanned the fax, added a credit line on the TOC that acknowledged the cover was "inspired by....," and closed the it all about an hour later.

(Above): Time, June 1993, art director: Arthur Hochstein. The Village Voice, August 1993, art director: Robert Newman; illustrator: Eric Palma.

Send us your stories and examples of inspiration, homage, and just outright theft.

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