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Redesigning Bicycling

Redesigning Bicycling

A look at the redesign of Bicycling magazine with Design Director David Speranza:

Our plan for the redesign was to break away from iconographic photography and take a less-produced approach to the shoots. In the past, we deliberately planned shoots with a single rider and low, flat vistas, with loads of blue sky. The cyclist's speed was controlled so that lighting was optimized and blur was virtually non-existent.

With the redesign, we want to embrace the motion and the environment. Foul weather, high tree lines or low sunlight won't necessarily disqualify a shoot from being worthy and therefore attempted. Additional lighting, if any, will be a challenge in that our goal is to have the appearance of only natural light but our hope is that result will be a more "outdoorsy" feel to the cover and interior photos.

Cover photograph (above) by Bryce Boyer

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